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Prince of Thorns

Prince of Thorns  - Mark  Lawrence

There are many things for rating it one star but these two are clearly a standout:

1) I read it simultaneously with a far more better book.
2) I never forget that the protagonist is a fourteen year old boy.

Prince Jorg was ten year old when he saw his mother and brother killed while he was tangled in a briar. Some time later he fled his palace, joins a group of thugs and spend almost three years on road. At the age of fourteen he came back in his palace and demands to be the prince of the Ancrath. 

There are lot of bad things with this book:

-> Protagonist i.e. Jorg is not a hero. He is an anti-hero. He murder people, burn whole villages, rape girls and indulge in whoring (& he is just a 14 year old kid). He is devoid of any type of humanity and kindness. 
-> He is not a warrior yet he wins every battle he fights. His triumphs comes in moments of sheer flukes. 
-> Even after completing the whole book I still couldn’t get why a group of full grown thugs (who are very cruel and have brutal strength) are afraid of a fourteen year old kid.
-> I didn’t find anything dark and gritty about the magic and believe me story is too bad to be called a dark or epic fantasy. 

I’m holding this series for now. May be later in the year I come back and read it and HOPE that Prince Jorg oops sorry King Jorg behave like a grown up