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Gabriel's Redemption

Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel's Inferno Trilogy) - Sylvain Reynard

This series was supposed to be a dual so when I found out that there would be a third book I was little shocked and was thinking what could be next after Gabriel and Julia’s life got a perfect ending in the second book. As first two books are my favorite in adult fiction I decided to read it. And I regretted it.

Story was too simple and slow paced. It was like author has decided to tell us about the lives of secondary characters of first two books. She tells us what Paul, Rachel, Simon and Julia’s father’s lives are like after the book two. 

I love Gabriel and Julia but in this book they’re so bad. They want each other to be happy but on the other hand they’re also very selfish and self-centered. I was horribly irritated by both of them. In comparison to theirs I liked others’ stories much more interesting.

I don’t know why the author felt that there should be third book. Because there was no need. Her writing skills were absolutely outstanding in first two books and this one was a disaster. 

A huge disappointment.