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Dead Beat

Dead Beat - Jim Butcher


Its the best book in the series so far (and that extra half star is for Butters and Sue)!!

With Halloween just days away, Harry finds himself blackmailed by Marva into finding “Word of Kemmler”. But Harry even doesn’t know what “Word of Kemmler” is and what it can do or where to find it. If thats not enough three more wizards/necromancers who are powerful than Harry wants “Word of Kemmler” for themselves. And what follows next is endless action and fun.

This book was one hell of a ride right from the start to the very end. We’ve seen Harry tackling wizards, werewolves, ghosts, vampires and fallen angels; now we see him fighting zombies. 

With every book each Harry is growing more mature and powerful. But its his enemies who attacks him through his loved ones and Harry is a good man. He can’t see people hurting on his behalf. While in the previous book he fought for his brother, in this he fights to save Karrin Murphy, his best friend. 

And we also get to know about the ongoing war between the White Council of Wizards and Red Court which gives us some surprises toward the end of the book.

This series is getting just bigger, darker and more mysterious.