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The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms - N.K. Jemisin

I picked it up as it was the BOTM for a group and so are the next two. 

Story revolves around Yeine, leader of a barbarian tribe. Her life changes when her grandfather (her mother’s father) invites her to be one of the three potential heir to the world’s most powerful kingdom. She finds herself tangled in between her rivals and a greater plot of Gods to free themselves. There is also a mystery around the death of her mother which she solves during the course of the story. 

Story is told from the POV of Yeine. Yeine is funny, little ignorant in the start but she is extremely bold and courageous when the situation calls for. But I think she just keeps wandering in the whole book sometimes with Sieh or Naha. I felt bad for her whenever someone compared her to her mother and remind her that she was inferior to her. 

The very idea of Gods being enslaved by humans is very new. But I think thats what makes it different from other fantasy stories. I loved Sieh but I can’t say that for others.

Kinneth (Yeine’s mother) is the third most important person in the book. Although she is dead but so much is said about her that she sometimes steals the limelight from Yeine. Of course, everyone thinks that she was better in every way than her daughter. 

This book raises so many questions right from the start but not many are answered by the end of the book (hopefully I get them in the sequel). 

Overall not a very strong first book. Hope second is better than this. 

So 2.5