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The Perfect Game

The Perfect Game  - J. Sterling

It remind me of Crash by Nicole Williams.

Spoilers ahead!!!!

Jack is a wannabe baseball player who everyone think was going to be the next big thing in the sport. He never slept with a girl twice and never remember their names. He met Cassie and everything changed for him. One away game and after some misunderstanding Jack and Cassie had their first fight after which Cassie felt stupid for not trusting Jack. 

Jack was selected by a big team and had to move to a different state. Cassie had her own fears about the long distance relationship but as she now fully trusts Jack, they went ahead with it. For sometime Jack totally fulfilled the role of a dedicated boyfriend but one game in which he played very well, he got drunk and cheated on Cassie.

Now the other girl was pregnant and dear Jack had decided to marry her. He didn’t even go for a pregnancy or DNA test. After marriage Jack found about the pregnancy trap and leaves the girl.

&&&&&& Cassie not only takes him back but apologize to him too like she is the one who cheated on him.

End of story if you can call it that............

Needless to say that Jack and Cassie both are jerks. Jack for cheating and hurting Cassie again and again. Cassie for forgiving Jack everytime.