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Proven Guilty

Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher

this book starts with Harry witnessing an execution of a black magic practitioner. Then he gets a warning about something dangerous is about to happen in Chicago. Harry has to find what is about to happen and stop it. if all that is not enough Molly Carpenter, his friend Michael’s daughter, ask him to come and bail out her friend. And thats where Harry finds himself in knee deep shit. 

Now these books in the series are at a point where I can not discuss the story without giving spoilers about previous books. We find some more news about the on going war between Wizard’s Council and Red Court of Vampires. But the events in this book has more to do with the faerie land. 

As always I love Harry, Thomas, Bob, Murphy and Mouse but Charity, Michael’s wife, steals the limelight here. A fierce mother who went to fight the monsters to save her daughter. 

this book is also about reconciliations. Charity who is not a big fan of Harry actually learns to trust Harry with her daughter’s life. the troublesome relationship between Charity and Molly is also described beautifully where mother wants to save her life from every danger while daughter thinks her mother don’t understand her. 

This book is good but I didn’t find it as good as Dead Beat. Though the events in the book points out that next book is going to be one hell of a ride