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Before They Are Hanged

Before They Are Hanged  - Joe Abercrombie

I must say I enjoyed it much more than the first one. 

In this edition we see what happens to Bayaz and his crew when they travelled to retrieve “seed” to the far places. And what happens when Glokta tries to hold a city against a Grukish invasion. And what is the result of battle between Northern King Bethod and Union soldiers and the consequences.

The characters in this book are pretty amazing. they are deeply flawed and complex, on a journey of their own. everyone’s POV is quite unique. their growth during the course of the book is also remarkable. 

It was interesting to see Glokta, I so thought him to be a merciless man, do an act of kindness which he knows was going to be dangerous for him if inquisition ever found about it. And Captain West, who was such a dutiful soldier, killing his own prince when the prince was trying to rape a girl. These two acts were absolutely astounding. 

Two things that I loved about this book are that story was never predictable and Mr. Abercrombie’s way of switching from one character’s mind to the other. it was never confusing. 

Mr Abercrombie really know how to tell a great story full of war, betrayal, characters own internal battles, love and remorse. 

They way this book ended, I’m curious to know how this amazing trilogy ends