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Last Argument of Kings

Last Argument of Kings  - Joe Abercrombie

What way to end the series. 

First book gives us a great foundation of plot and characters, second was more about the knowing these characters and executions of the plan and third was the end. End of all the plots and sub-plots. Happy endings for some while bitter sweet for most. 

Where the second book left us, it was pretty much clear that book three would be full of barbaric action. War on every front. It was inside as well as outside of characters head. Mr. Abercrombie has described their struggle for finding the truth or doing the right thing or their selfishness very beautifully. And every struggle was not fruitful, not every doing “right thing” act ended in a good way. 

It is written pretty well and very unpredictable story. There were some funny moments but most of the time story has dark undercurrents to it. 

Glokta and Logen Ninefinger are my favorite characters in this series. Didn’t liked Glokta in first but slowly he outran everybody else and won the title of the most favorite character. His internal dialogues were awesome. These both are kind of anti-heroes and kudos to Mr Abercrombie for writing them so amazingly that I savor these two till the very end. 

But I still hated how the story ended, especially the feud between two Magus. I never get to know how Khalul was like. What his side of story was. What I know about him was based on Bayaz, Mammun or his eaters views. All I get to know that how the First of the Magi was selfish. I also hated how the Ferro’s story ended, it felt totally incomplete. 

But still it is great and highly enjoyable series.