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Small Favor

Small Favor (The Dresden Files, #10) - Jim Butcher

this book was absolute madness from start to the very end.

Action start right from page one when Harry was attacked in the backyard of Carpenters while he was playing with Carpenter family. He was attacked by summer faeries. After that Harry got called by Murphy on a crime scene where Johnny Marcone was kidnapped with use of some heavy duty magic. & everybody knows that when Johnny Marcone is involved in anything, things gets nastier. If that is not enough Winter Queen Mab wants Harry to rescue Marcone & you never say no to Mab especially when you owe her.But thats only the start of this amazing story. 

With every passing year Harry is getting more powerful. But with great power comes great darkness and Harry doesn’t want to give in. And that is also his biggest fear. It is one of the reason that he never back down when it comes to help people with his magic. & thats what he teaches his apprentice. Never succumb to darkness. 

During the course of his life if Harry has earned some dangerous enemies who would love to see him dead, he has also got true friends in Murphy, Michael and Thomas who would do anything to keep him alive. This true friendship is one of the biggest strength of these books. 

This is an amazing read.