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White Night

White Night  - Jim Butcher

Before starting the review of White Night, I would like to tell you how I met Harry. After devouring the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning in 2012, I wanted to read another amazing Urban Fantasy so I requested for some UF recommendations. And first time I met Harry there when I was recommended Dresden Files in response to my request. I read the blurb; saw the cover, length of the series, a male protagonist and instantly dismissed it. It was start of 2013 and had just started reading fantasy books at that time, so I searched Google for most awaited fantasy books of 2012. I opened the very first link and checked the list. Cold Days was sitting prettily at number four with this description:

“For those who have never heard of Harry Dresden, where have you been!? Harry Dresden is a private investigator who also has the added advantages (and disadvantages at times) of being a wizard. They are written in the sarcastic first person voice of Harry who tends to get hired in order to uncover the facts behind some kind of supernatural murder or crime.

The first couple of books were okay, nothing really breathtakingly brilliant about them, but from there they picked up and have quickly become fan favorites. Each novel is relatively short, but they certainly back a lot of great content in-between those covers.”

& I finally decided to read Dresden Files but still it took me almost seven months to start this. I didn’t liked it much and my friend who’d recommended it to me in first place told me to have some patience. So I kept reading Mr Dresden’s story, and after finishing ninth book (& I’m almost 80% done with tenth right now) I’m glad I did not abandoned it after reading first book. 

One of the best thing about this series is that the quality of books gets better with every new addition to the series and that says a lot as book #15 is coming out this June (& according to Wikipedia Mr Butcher is going to add another five books to this series and there will be a trilogy too after that). Mr Butcher’s writing skill has improved a lot since the first book. Maintaining this level of quality with one book per year on average is amazing. Now he don’t go in details to tell about a person from previous books. Readers have to rake their own brains for recognition. 

So now back to White Night, this book starts with Harry being called by Murphy to a murder scene. Murder looked like a plain suicide, but a clue left at the crime scene told Harry that the victim was a magic practitioner. Murphy told Harry that there were more murders like this. One clue led to the other and they all points to Thomas Raith (a person very dear to Harry) and made him a prime suspect. Now it was up to Harry to clear Thomas’s name. 

White Night is a fast paced story that keeps you to the edge till you finish it. You don’t know what is going to happen on the next page. Mr Butcher has blended mystery and action so well here. The climax action scene is my second favorite in this series (of course first place go to the dinosaur scene from Dead Beat). 

This is a highly entertaining and excellent read.